Family Violence

Watch four movies that address the issue of family violence. Select one from the 1980s (such as The Burning Bed, The Color Purple, A Cry for Help), one from the 1990s (such as Bastard Out of Carolina, Sleeping with the Enemy, What’s Love Got To Do with It, This Boy’s Life), one from the 2000s (such as Enough, The Gift), and one from an era of your choosing (could be before the 1980s or could be from the 1980s on).

Provide a very brief description of each film’s plot and focus on answering the following questions:

1. How stigmatized was family violence in the era of each film?
2. Were there differences in the views of the earlier and later movies toward family violence?
3. What type/s of violence were portrayed in each film?
4. Who were the perpetrators? Who were the victims/survivors?
5. How were children in the films affected by the family violence?
6. What theories of family violence could be applied to each of the films?

For references, utilize this (modified ASA) format:

Title of film. Year.

Use reference of the textbook Public and Private Families the sixth edition




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