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Division and analysis essay
Communicates your comprehension of the structure of something. In the “division”, or the parts, you create a conclusion about the subject that is more than just what it was when you began, Remember the steps division-inference-synthesis. Remember, you need a good thesis, a purpose , and an audience for this essay. Don’t just stop at the divide step, or list characteristics of something. You must analyze your topic-reach a conclusion about it based on its parts, and then explain what those parts mean all together, for that audience. What do the pieces suggest about your topic?

Taekwondo is not only study of self-defense and combat techniques, but also discipline, confidence, respectfulness, morals and concentration.
To educate about benefits of Taekwondo
Parents of Taekwondo students, people that are interested in Taekwondo.
When a Taekwondo class starts, punching badg are not rolled out, nor do students start to equip their sparring gear in order to practice kicking and blocking techniques. Instead, on the master’s loud command “Line Up”, students hurry to align in rows. After that, on command, students bow to their master ans are sat down. Next a few minutes they spend meditating on 5 Taekwondo tenets and their meanings.
The five tenets of Taekwondo (courtesy, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit) are the first…………………

Explain each tenets meaning
bring examples of how things listed in thesis are taught





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