Develop a EBP question guided by the Question Development Tool Appendix B, and then using this question conduct a literature search to investigate the issue or problem. Gather a minimum of 5 research articles (2010-present) to address the practice question. Please upload the 5 articles. The assignment should be organized in the following 6 parts:

A. Title Page
B. Practice question(Question Development Tool Appendix B)2 pages
C. Develop and Implement a Search Strategy. Please work with a librarian to conduct a literature search. The literature search parameters should be saved and included.1 page
D. Appraise (determine quality) 5 articles using Research Evidence Appraisal Tool(Dearholt and Dang, 2012, pg 240).
E. Explanation of Reference Relevance to the practice question. For each article explain the relevance to the practice questions (3-4 sentences per article)
F. Reference list using APA format

For “D” It is anticipated article Appraisal and E (1 ½ pages per article)

Question Development Tool Appendix B (attached)
Research Evidence Appraisal Tool (attached, follow page 240, pag 238&239 are to guide you)