Project Poposal butique

What e-commerce strategy should high end (local) boutiques implements to be successful or have a good penetration in the UAE local market. How would these boutiques maintain their brand identity online and still be able to compete in the international market and against other players.What mega trends should these companies be aware off and at the same time maintain a local shop image online.

Introduction (350 words)
E-commerce and megatrends
A refinement of the objectives, scope and plan of project
Description of particular issues and client requirements
Project significance

Background (350 words)
Description of the project context, sector, company background
Description of the business geographic location and demographics
Description of the business environment industry and sector
Financial market data

Methodology (600 words)
Research question: research aims and specific objectives
Create the current business model canvas
Methods of data collection, analysis, planning fieldwork.
Approach to ethical issues, managing confidentiality, and whether an NDA is required
Identify 15-20 papers including e-commerce challenges, success criteria, … etc
A detailed project plan with task, roles and deadlines

Analysis (500 words)
Market info and data
Market analysis and business size
Using the MARS top down method
Revised business model canvas

Conclusion (200 words