Project Management Final

Each student must complete the Take Home Final. Students should include a cover page with
your name, cohort, and the name of the instructor. You may use material from class discussion,
your reading, or further research. Be sure to give proper credit to your sources of ideas as well
as direct quotes using in-text and full reference citations consistent with APA standards.
Plagiarism is considered a serious offense. It is defined as the copying of more than three
words in a row from any source or using ideas presented in a work without giving the proper
credit to the writer of those words. Any paper submitted with plagiarized material will be dealt
with according to the University catalog and will result minimally in an “F” on the Take Home
It is helpful to begin each week’s reading by reviewing the questions on the final and taking
notes that will be used in writing the answer. After each class session, continue to add more
notes to each answer. Your journal notes may also prove helpful in providing ideas for your
The take home final and all supporting information must be posted to Moodle no later than one
week from the last class.
Take Home Final:
Student take home final will be designed around a project of student’s choosing. The project
may be one related to something in the student’s personal life, work life or related to another
organization student wishes to perform a project for.
The subject of the final must involve the following items:
 Meet the definition of a project as outlined in the text and class.
 Student project team must include at least four different team members or resources
(outsourcing) that will be utilized to accomplish the objectives of the project.
 The project must be structured for a client; if personal, student can serve as the client.
 The project must have quantifiable measurements such as units of measure, costs, etc.
 The project must entail at least 20 work packages.
 The final along with all supporting graphs, charts and reports must be submitted in
electronic form and posted on Moodle by 6:00 pm on the due date (within one week of
the last class). The full report length will vary dependent on the number of figures and
appendixes. Each report must include a cover page, table of contents, narrative section
and either figures or appendixes for tables and supporting information. The narrative
section of the report should not exceed 1,500 words. The report is to be submitted using
APA 6th addition format.
 Students must use MSFT Project for certain aspects of this final.
 Students may also utilize MSFT Excel or other software to prepare sections of the final.
 Other resources available to the student. Students should cite and document any
utilization of material from other sources.
William Jessup University Project Management MGMT385XL 09.14.15
Student Guide
Page 18
Requirements of Final:
1. Provide a written description, including goals, for the project. Indicate who the
members of the team will be, their positions and relationship to the project as well as
each members responsibilities related to completion of the project. Define whether
the team will flow from a project, functional, or matrix structure; and whether student
will utilize outsourcing to accomplish the project. Define who the project is being
accomplished for and what are key factors of their interest in the project as well as
any other key stakeholders with interest in the outcome of the project.
2. Define the scope of the project using the six item checklist on pp 102-103 of Project
Management the Managerial Process.
3. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure chart in form similar to that found in figure 4.4
p 110, figure 4.5 p 114 or figure 4.6 p 117 (Project Management the managerial
process) dependent on which format best fits the project.
4. Develop a responsibility Matrix similar to figure 4.7 p 118 of Project Management the
managerial process and assign responsibility for the various team members.
5. Specify the communication plan for the team in narrative or chart form. Indicate
methods and timeliness of given communication.
6. Specify what reports will be provided to various team members and constituencies to
the project and provide a sample of the form for these reports.
7. Construct a project network using Activity-On-Node fundamentals (figure 6.2 p 166)
and indicate precedent relationships, early start, early finish, late start, late finish,
duration of activity, and slack. Indicate the critical path for project network and
identify any activities that can be crashed to shorten the duration of the project.
Reference Chapter 6 of Project Management the managerial process for format.
8. Using MSFT project develop a Gantt chart for project in form similar to figure 6.11 p
179 of Project Management the managerial process.
9. Identify all known risk to project success and the means to mitigate these risks.
10. List and discuss the key issues pertaining to leadership and management of project
and methods planned to address challenges.
11. Indicate the methods planned to audit and evaluate the team throughout the
process. What special challenges will be faced and how you plan to address these
12. Identify any cultural challenges faced as a result of the project and how to overcome
Please use the book
“Project Management The Managerial Process” By Erik W. Larson
Send me the Work breakdown, Microsoft Project Management, and AON Network breakdown separately. Please take great care in this assignment it is my final and I need a great grade.