Human resource 

Please look at the feedback from few of the supervisors
Thank you for your enquiry. Whilst your subject area may in principal be of interest to us, currently your proposal is not at the standard required for PhD admission, and I suggest you spend more time researching and formulating it if you wish to apply formally here in future. In brief, your proposal is mainly at a surface level of generalised and quite descriptive blocks of text, and where you do have research questions they are rather at the level of a practical management project than a PhD enquiry. I know it is difficult to understand what is required at this early stage, but your proposal needs to show much more depth, theoretical and contextual puzzles, real specific elements to your method and data, and many more references; all so that you are able to show more convincingly in your proposal what your potential significant contribution to academic knowledge (PhD requirement) might be. In this case, there are many things you could do, but I would suggest you need to define much more what can be meant by e’training, in an HRM context (as distinct say from e’learning or education?); what level you are pitching your study at (organisations, sectors, employees?) and why; the likely influence of the particular Saudi context; and who you intend to survey in your data collection, what data you’re going to collect, and why.
Please see below the feedback of the Head of Doctoral students in the business school. The first thing, which you need to do now is to revise your proposal so that there is evidence of gap in the literature. The aims of your research and the questions should be to fill this gap, Make sure that the methodology is robust. Have a look at the research paper sin your chosen topic to have more information about this.
Unfortunately we would not take this on two grounds. Firstly, the proposal here reads very much as a management project (rather like an MBA project) and does not have clear PhD knowledge/conceptual aims and contributions. Secondly, at the moment we do not have capacity to supervise in this subject.
Can you help to improve my proposal?