A research project about gender and power

Gender and Power Research Project: You must conduct a research project related to a particular theme discussed within the module. In this project, you will be required to
describe the research that you undertook; the existing research in relation to which your own research was positioned and defined; the research questions that you sought to answer; the ethical implications of your research; the methods that you used in your research (i.e. the theoretical positions on which you drew, the
primary materials that you analysed, and the specific ways in which you analysed them). Finally, you are expected to outline your findings and assess their significance. Should you decide to conduct a research project which involves live participants you must adhere to the University’s policy on research ethics. In addition, you may NOT conduct research which: involves children or
vulnerable people; involves any information that might be considered sensitive or confidential or embarrassing for the participants; involves interviews with people performing identifiable roles (elite or otherwise) where any outcome from the interview might embarrass or put at risk the people involved.