Criminal Law Exam

I need assistance in preparing answers for my exam in January. I have not had time to revise so therefore I would like a Writer that is qualified in Criminal Law to help me with revising my exam questions by directing me to the right path to my exam questions.

Your exam will consist of three questions and you will need to answer any two of these questions. Statutes will be provided where applicable, but they should not be used as a replacement for learning the law as in many areas the law has come from cases, which supplement the statutes, particularly in the area of non-fatal offences. it is also not enough to copy out the statute, you need to apply the relevent parts to the problem.All questions are problem questions and they will be marked on their merit, each worth equal marks. You need to do two things – you need to explain what the law is and also explain how this applies to the question. (For example, do not just say that ‘the actus reus of battery is application of unlawful force’, also then state that ‘Fred applied unlawful force to Jim when he slapped his face.’)Questions will cover the following areas:1. Murder. Defences of diminished responsibility and loss of control.2. Unlawful act and gross negligence manslaughter, including causation.3. Non fatal offences with the defences of consent, intoxication and automatism.
I will provide you with my university login in details so you can access my student portal with all the relevant documents for my exam.