After completing this paper project the student will be able to:
1. identify a minimum of two scholarly/peer-reviewed articles related to the topic of choice.
a. Must be original research, (not a literature review or survey article)
b. Should have a PICO question, subject group(s), methodology, results of research and discussion/ conclusion
2. correctly use American Psychological Association (APA) formatting for a title page, reference page and body of the paper, including a running head.
3. write a two-page summary/overview of one of the articles, correctly citing the article in the body of the paper with a focus on briefly explaining the research and the nursing interventions used in the article. The article must include:
• an introductory paragraph
• 2-3 paragraphs summarizing the research article used, including information about the question being researched, the sample size used, the methods of investigation, the conclusions reached by the researcher
• a conclusion/ summary paragraph.

1. Identify a nursing practice/intervention that has been discussed in lecture or in your text, e.g. fall prevention, immobility, use of the incentive spirometer, medication administration safety, etc.
2. Discuss the topic with a faculty member for approval
3. Identify the chapter in the Taylor textbook that includes the topic
4. Research the topic and select two scholarly articles that address this topic
5. Write a two page paper that summarizes ONE of the articles
a. Start with a brief introduction of the topic and what the article will do, i.e. summarize a research paper
b. Include brief information on the research question of the article, the sample size used, the investigation methods used and the conclusions
c. Focus on nursing interventions that were used or that could improve care
d. Conclude the paper with a brief summary of what article review showed.
6. Complete a title page for the article summary/review, formatting it according to APA guidelines, including a running head
7. Format the reference page, using APA format
a. Reference the chapter of the textbook correctly
b. Reference each of the articles correctly, including online references
8. Submit the paper to Safe Assign to evaluate for plagiarism. Correct any problems.
9. Submit corrected paper online for grading