Write a response paper about “Into the woods(1987)”

Your essay must with following format: Paragraph 1: Introduction and Thesis Statement – This paragraph should tell me what your paper is about, what arguments you’re going to make, and how you’re going to make them. The Introduction must also include: the title of the musical (this need to be underlined or italicized), who wrote the music, who wrote lyrics, who wrote the libretto. Your thesis statement, in which you succinctly map-out your entire argument, should be the last sentence of this paragraph. If your paper is missing a clear thesis statement, then it is impossible for your reader to clearly follow the rest of the paper. Your thesis statement MUST do TWO things: 1) Choose a significant/central theme that you saw in this musical 2) Make a claim about that theme, which you will prove through the duration of your paper. What is this musical saying about that theme? For example, “love” is not a sufficient theme/thesis statement, but a stronger theme/thesis will make a claim that your paper will prove such as “XYZ musical represents that love does /does not conquer all obstacles.”
Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4: These paragraphs must begin with a clear topic sentence that guides the central idea/argument and connects back to the thesis statement. The body of the paragraph should include clear and specific examples that will prove your thesis statement. For each paragraph, choose a specific song, scene or moment that illustrates the theme you have chosen. Be as specific and detailed as possible in your examples to help prove your argument. Use quotes from song lyrics or dialogue to help bolster your argument. **Do not simply retell the plot (your reader already knows the plot). To avoid plot recap, make sure the details and the way you present the details are followed by analysis and always reconnect back to your thesis.
Paragraph 5: Conclusion – In your final paragraph, synthesize, without restating, the argument you have been working on throughout the paper in order to answer the question, “Is this theme still relevant today?” Consider other questions such as why do we care about this musical? Why is it an important part of the history of American Musical Theatre? Ultimately, you must answer the question “Is this theme still relevant today?” and support that claim with specific evidence