Understanding Business and Management Research Methods


Module Title: Understanding Business and Management Research Methods
This individual assignment has two parts. Part 1 requires a critical review of a published academic article on HEALTHCARE SECTOR(PUBLIC OR PRIVATE). Part 2 requires to collect and analyse primary data on the SAME topic and write a mini report. The combined word limit for both parts is 3,500 words, excluding the references and appendices.
Part 1: Evaluating Published Research (40% of marks)
Choose an article that has been published in an academic journal since 1 January 2007 and write a critical review of the article (maximum 1,200 words) using the Harvard system of referencing. The word count excludes the references and appendices.
critical review should summarise the article, include some definitions and, preferably, some challenging research questions relating to the topic. review should also include an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the article and suggestions for improvement. use the references at the end of the article as a guide to further reading. This will broaden the knowledge of the concepts discussed in the article and your analysis will be informed by the literature.
The responsibility to choose an article from a high quality academic journal (NOT a professional journal such as Management Today or The Economist). An important objective of the course is to develop the ability to evaluate other scholars’ research. its easier to earn marks if the choosen article that reports an empirical study that analyses research data based on observation or experience (e.g. the quantitative analysis of data from a survey of people or documents or a qualitative analysis of interview data).
This assignment offers the opportunity to think about a topic for dissertation. It might be useful to choose an article that deals with a familiar subject. It will also help develop analytical and reflective thinking skills.

Collect and analyse primary data from the Healthcare sector (public or private) on the same topic as the article reviewed and write a mini report (maximum 2,300 words) using the Harvard system of referencing. The word count excludes the references and appendices.
This task requires to conduct an in-depth investigation into the topic that is the subject of your chosen article (NOT the article). describe, analyse and critically reflect on the topic. include definitions and identify potential gaps in the literature and major research questions that need to be addressed in the future. Emphasis should be given to the following issues:
• Ability to identify a diverse and high quality sources of information (a minimum of 50 references are required from different sources). These should include: academic journals/ books/ trade publications, government and industry data, websites, professional newspapers etc.
• Demonstrate clear understanding and synthesise the available information in order to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry
• Ability to discuss complex information clearly and concisely, and to construct coherent and logical arguments
• Ability to present findings in a professional and well structured report format, including the effective use of figures, tables, appendices and referencing (Harvard Style is required).

adopt the following structure