Therapy in Children

In writing your paper, draw from the research and empirical literature as well as original writing by the theorist. Support your assessment of the method with appropriate rationale. If you would like a version of your paper reviewed, you must get me the completed draft by 12/7/15.

Your paper should address the following:

Provide an overview of the historical and theoretical bases for this type of counseling or therapy
-where did this approach come from?
-how do professionals practice this type of therapy today?
-what are the current issues, major theoretical perspectives or trends in this area?
Note the founders and leaders in the field you are investigating.
Review pertinent research related to this particular field
-has this approach been empirically examined?
-what is the research basis for this approach?
my personal favorite reference on APA Style can be found at APA On-line Style Guide: Courtesy of the The University of Wisconsin at Madison Writing Center. Follow the APA style guidelines described at the prior mentioned websites or similar for citing your sources in the text of your paper and formatting information for your bibliography. Again, you may only cite academically credible references such as journal articles, book chapters and legitimate website resources. Please do not cite non-refereed “junk” from the Internet (e.g. Wikipedia). We will review guidelines for finding appropriate resources in class and at our library review session.

Make sure that your ideas are presented in a clear and coherent manner. Your statements need to show proper support. Take care to clearly define any specialized terms. Your ideas should be presented in a succinct, non-redundant fashion. Good writing means establishing clear connections between sentences and ensuring a logical flow of your thinking throughout the paper.

You need to turn in this assignment in hard copy. In terms of formatting, I require Double spacing on this paper. A separate title page is not required. Please use 1 inch all around margins and Times New Roman fontin a size 12 point typeface. Papers must be stapled when they are turned in to me on the due date. I will be attaching a grading rubric feedback form when I return the paper to you. See the section below for guidelines.All of the basic rules of formal writing should be followed. Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are critical. You are expected to demonstrate adequate college level writing abilities.
Written assignment grading guidelines:

Content Specific elements of assignment are met Relevant literature adequately summarized Accurate interpretation of literature (main points captured, etc) Theory and application appropriately integrated Appropriate number and quality of sources Sources are relevant to topic, provide adequate support Level of coverage (detail) is appropriate to assignment
Appropriate use of sections (introductory material in introduction, etc.)
Paragraphs are well-organized and constructed
Transitions between paragraphs and sections are smooth
Overall Assessment
Your overall grade for this assignment is based on the individual elements indicated above. Letter grades are assigned as follows, with +/­ designations indicating intermediate levels of performance.
A level papers: Demonstrates a high level of understanding and sophisticated integration of relevant material; shows depth,ra-ther than just a thoughtful presentation of the obvious; shows evidence of critical analysis with compelling wording, smooth transitions and organizational clarity. B level papers
Demonstrates a good level of understanding and thoughtful integration of relevant material; language is generally appropriate for a professional reader and the organizational scheme is sound. C level papers
Demonstrates a satisfactory level of understanding and integration of relevant material, with observable effort in each; Quality of writing may be inconsistent (i.e., quite good in some sections of the paper and of lesser quality in other sections); organization needs improvement. D level papers
Demonstrates marginal performance; minimal understanding andintegration of relevant material; inadequate level of organization and/or proper style. F level papers
Demonstrates unsatisfactory performance; with little to no understanding of material; elements of the paper are not well organized or integrated; criteria are not met. Many APA format mistakes (see below for examples).
Some examples of APA Format and general errors: -APA Reference errors: no alphabetical ordering in reference/citation lists -APA Punctuation and capitalization errors -APA Format citation errors: incorrect author order, incorrect et al. usage
-Format errors: incorrect line, letter, word spacing, pagination -Use of abbreviations or numerals to start sentences -Undefined abbreviations
(NOTE: The Psychology Departments at San José State University and La Sierra University are acknowledged as a source for the basic structure of this grading guide)