Property Law


Learning Outcomes Assessed
1) Demonstrate an understanding of the principles underlying land law,
2) Critically analyse the principles of land law and relevant case law as applied in practice.
3) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of proposals for reform (where applicable).
Assessment Criteria

1. The student is expected to understand the principles and procedures in this area of law and to research and identify the developments in recent cases and statutes in the law relating to registered titles to land.
2. The student should understand and explain the varying decisions of case law, if appropriate
3. The student should critically analyse the case law and determine whether the cases are appropriate to the question.
4. The student should identify any perceived weaknesses in the current systems of registered titles land.
5. The student should consider whether such perceived weaknesses have a valid role to play in the system of registered land ownership.
6. It is important that, despite the opinions of others you may find during your research, you explain this in your OWN words so that your understanding can be assessed.
You should include a bibliography. You should footnote your work.