Secondary Research – Area of Focus

Secondary Research – Area of Focus

Consumers and their Companion Animals (Pets) – what factors contribute to healthy and happy relationships (from acquisition – choosing the right pet to satisfied companionship relationships)

1. Search for highly credible sources (research reports, journal publications, industry resources ) that provide information related to the project area. (Remember the focus is on consumer insights versus industry/product (e.g. pet) attributes…unless it relates to consumer perceptions).

2. Find (3) sources that provide RELEVANT information to providing insights that inform the consumer insight area of focus.

Read/review sources you believe may be relevant. Select the three best/most informative sources from those you found, then…

3. Cite the sources using the format provided below:
Last name author, first name….additional authors (if applicable) (YEAR) “Title of work”, Source (journal/internet website), Volume (if applicable), Issue (if applicable) page numbers (start-finish) if applicable

Example: Doe, John (2000), “Why People Get Tattoos,” Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 33, (5) 123-49.

Note if it’s a report published online (not through EBSCO host or library data resources) – provide the full URL (so one could click on it and go directly to it) after the other information is provided..e.g. author (year) title of report, publisher of report…URL.

4. After providing the full reference for the source, DISCUSS the information provided. Provide details on the information discussed in the article and EXPLAIN how the information you discuss relates to the topic being examined.

(Consumers – pet relationship satisfaction)

Stated differently – another student should be able to read your summary, highlighting key insights of what is presented. One should be able to extract the key information and necessary details without having to go back and re-read the article to determine how the information contributes to insights around the offer and consumer. This includes providing the data points that may be informative or relevant. (e.g. report gives key statistics concerning consumer who own pets – provide these data points in the discussion)



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