Research papers

A research paper will contain the situation at hand and the ways illustrated on how to tackle the situation. These ways may be new or they may ways used in the past. After identifying the topic of a research paper, the writer should revolve around this topic when developing the thesis. The first part of a research paper is the abstract; it gives a clear translation of the title as well as gives an overview of what is expected in the subsequent parts of the body. An abstract statement should be between 100 – 200 words. It should just be brief.

The next part is the introduction, which addresses the research problem.  In this section state the overall area of concern and also provide brief statistics to indicate the incidence of the problem. Ensure that the reader’s attention is captured here. This part should also hint to the reader on what to expect in the main body.

When writing a research paper, it is a good practice to include a literature review in the initial parts of the main body. A literature review is meant to look at past similar research cases, how they were handled and what the findings were. A literature review is meant to act as a benchmark to the current research being conducted. Our research writers are good in this, once given the topic. They have vast experiences that enable them to easily come up with an appropriate research statement.

The main body should also contain the method used to conduct the research. This includes the general methodology adopted by the writer of the research paper. There are different types of methodologies and the writer should settle on the one that best fits the topic under research. The rest of the body should explain any other relevant information that will be useful to the research being conducted. Proper analysis of the research paper should be done at this stage, to ensure that the results are satisfactory. The last parts of the main body must contain the findings.  These findings should be clearly discussed. The last part should be the implications of the research being conducted. This is an exploration of the findings of the research paper.

The conclusion or the summary part should focus on giving the final submissions of the research paper, based on the research conducted. New ideas should not be introduced at this point. The summary is meant to cover lightly, what has been covered in details in the entire research paper.

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