Nature and nurture shape our personalities

Although some people believe that personalities are influenced by nurture while others believe that personalities are influenced by nature, but it is a combination of both nature and nurture that shape our personalities.

Compose an argumentative Research Paper of 1,200-1,500 words in which you argue for a position on an issue chosen by you (see thesis above).
Note 1: For this assignment, you may not use “I.” Write in 3rd person (using 3rd person pronouns such as he, she, it, one, they, and them).

Procedure: In your first paragraph, you should include, in addition to your introductory sentences (in which you try to get the reader’s attention), a clear, precise, and specific statement of your position on the topic. This sentence is called a thesis statement. Each paragraph of the body of your paper should present evidence supporting your thesis. The evidence should be arranged from least most important to most important. Usually you will present evidence by simply referring to or paraphrasing ideas from an outside source. Sometimes you may wish to quote from a source, but do this rarely, and your quotations under 40 words. You may use an outside source to support a point you are making, or you may choose to disagree with the outside source (you will, of course, explain why you think you are right). The outside sources should not dominate in the paper; remember, you are using them to support your own ideas and opinions.

Number of Outside Sources: You are expected to use a minimum of FOUR outside sources, Of course, you may certainly use more than the minimum number. These sources must be of at least THREE different types— e.g., a magazine article, a newspaper article, and a book; or an Internet article, and an essay from a collection of essays. (These examples are hypothetical; the number of possible combinations is large.)

USE APA STYLE IN-TEXT CITATIONS for all ideas, facts, statistics or opinions derived from one of another source.
Note: You must cite all ideas, facts, statistics or opinion gained from another source, but you must provide page numbers only for direct quotations.
Note 1: The words on the Reference page do not count toward the paper minimum.


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