Educational Psychology

Suggested approach to this task:
i. Identify a specific need for assessment instrument in specific area of psychology
• Select an area of psychology (e.g., organisational, clinical, counselling, educational, forensic, sport, health, geriatric etc.)
• Identify who needs to be assessed on what? And why?
• What will be the original contribution of your instrument to the field?

ii. Design an original assessment instrument to achieve this specific purpose
• What form of assessment (e.g., test, questionnaire, observational checklist, interview schedule…) would be most suitable for this purpose, and why?
• Construct an item bank (or equivalent)
• Refine item bank (or equivalent)
• Refine presentation of instrument. Consider length, clarity, ease of use, scoring system, instructions for administrators and test-takers (as applicable).

iii. Write report on development & evaluation of instrument.
You should include the following information:
• Brief background to the area in which you are working, sufficient to orient a non-expert
• Rationale for developing your instrument, explaining the reasons behind the decisions that you have made in the design process.
• Description of the process you went through to develop your instrument
• Discussion of psychometric properties of your instrument, including reliability, validity, normative data, interpretation of scores and usefulness of the instrument. You should identify which aspects of these are relevant to your instrument, how you would assess their adequacy (or how you have assessed their adequacy), your proposed strategy for modifying your instrument in response to this assessment (or actual modifications made in response to assessment).
• Ethical considerations associated with the use of your instrument.
• Reference list.
• Please append your instrument along with any additional instructions necessary to use it.


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