Legislation and Enforcement in Human Trafficking

-Identify what enforcement infrastructure exists to enforce existing and pending legislation. Describe the national(united states) enforcement agencies and the roles they have played in curbing human trafficking. Identify the limitations faced by these agencies.
-Two pages is the writing portion & the
3rd page is Annotated Bibliography (All findings must include annotated references. Annotations for all sources should be 4-6 sentences per entry; 2 summative, 2 evaluative (remember it is 4 sources) See the following guidelines on how to write summative and evaluative annotated entries: http://www.bothell.washington.edu/library/guides/annotations.htmlhttp://www.lib.umd.edu/UES/annotate.html
-Also, for the sources they have to academically credible sources (peer reviewed journal articles; academic press books; etc.)  It is very very important to use the credible sources like google scholar. If you can not use EBSCO  use google scholar to get the 4 credible sources.

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