Quantitative Methods

I work for investment company, in particular (Asset Management department), and I am studying MBA. as part time
I want you, to write how can the course “Statistic for business” be useful in my department. (ONLY WRITING) no need for drawing, below is more details :-
What you need to do:
• Submit a report about 4 pages long on how you might be able to apply the concepts that you learned in this course at your work.
• You need to think of 5-6 different applications of statistics that you could do or are doing at your work.
• The report should include:
o The problem (or issue) for which you will be applying the statistical tools in order to make decisions based on data.
o Identify the relevant data that will be required?
o How will you get/collect the data?
o How much data will you need/get (sample size, cost considerations)?
o How will you summarize it?
o What tools will you be using? How will you use it?
o What do you hope to see/know when you analyze this data?
You do not necessarily have to do the analysis and report the data. Just need to explain how you will do it.

During the course : – I have covered these topic which I want you to talk about>
1- Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Methods
2- Introduction to Probability
3- Discrete Probability Distributions 4- Continuous Probability Distributions
5- Sampling and Sampling Distributions
Is not important to talk about them all, but I need at least 5 application
( short example ) that cover the topic


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