Korean War

The paper should also have thesis statement, main claim, sub claims and evidences that back it up.


Do South Korean films depict North Koreans as enemy? Mainstream films in the U.S. where North Korea is figured like the Bond films, demonized North Korea as barbaric which is very different from South Korean films portray them. Why is this? Is it possible that South Korean films argue that North Korea is in fact the antinomies relationship artificial, fabricated, and perpetuated because we are beholden to geopolitics or is it somehow the last stand of the Cold War?
Have a total of 12 sources and at least 3 or 4 of them should be movie and others can be either articles from magazines or books or documentaries that answers questions above
here are the movie lists: you can use all or choose 3 out of 4 at least for paper.  Team America must be used.
1.Team America: World Police (American film) (must use this)
2.Joint Security Area (Korean film)
3.Shiri(Korean Film)
4.Taegukgi(Korean Film)
5. http://stillpresentpasts.org/
for #5, you can find a pretty good info regarding of Korean War and stuff, it’s not required to use that but helpful.
Since the few of movies that are listed are about Korean War so it will be good if you write about historical background relating to the topic.





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