Weber’s Predictions

1. What evidence can you find in everyday life to support Weber’s
prediction? How has bureaucracy constrained your abilities to act—or to
persuade others to take action? How have bureaucracies constrained your
creativity or prevented you from making your own decisions? (You might
draw examples from the legal system, the health care system, the education
system, the political system, the military, organized religion, or any
number of bureaucratic organizations. Even fast-food restaurants are
bureaucracies that limit individual choice!)

2.Written Assignment 4: Weber’s Analysis of Modern Society

Explain Max Weber’s attempts to isolate the unique characteristics of
modern society.

Your essay should include the following aspects of Weber’s work:

* His concept of ideal types
* His distinction between different types of rationality
* His conclusions regarding the rationalization of modern society

3.About Your Final Comprehensive Assessment


Your final paper should be 8 to 12 pages in length and should be on the
topic listed below. Review your reading, your written assignments, and
your discussion board postings. Then organize your thoughts on the listed

Your final assessment should be well developed and convey your
understanding of the readings and concepts. It should also adequately
answer the question. Your paper should be organized, coherent, and
unified; it should also be free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you
need help in writing such a paper, take a look at The Writing Center:
University of Wisconsin-Madison.

When quoting or paraphrasing from the text or other sources, be sure to
cite the source of information properly according to MLA or APA guidelines
(see also Basic Documentation Rules).

Final Assessment Topic

How do Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and Parsons view the social world? Which
theorist’s view comes closest to your own view of modern society?

While all four theorists sought to explain the nature of social life and
the workings of society, each one had a distinctive view of the social
world. Each theorist focused on particular aspects of society according to
his particular concerns about changes in society, about social order,
and/or about the future. Such concerns led these men to different analyses
of social phenomena as well as to different conclusions about modern

A fully developed answer to this question will include:

* Identification of the fundamental concerns or interests of each of
the four theorists
* Detailed descriptions of how each theorist explained society with
respect to his particular concerns
* Explanation of any predictions or concerns about the future that
emerge from each theorists analysis of society
* Discussion of which theorist’s view of society is most like your
own, including illustrations of the relevance of this view to
present-day society





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