Eating disorders and sexual abuse


This paper is a Research-based paper; therefore it is expected that you will write a formal paper for this assignment, using appropriate academic writing. Please also consider applying theoretical analysis that will help you to evaluate your topic (for instance, you might want to analyze the causes of anorexia through a cognitive-behavioural lens, and/or a Feminist lens). A good paper will have strong overall academic writing and will cover the basics as far as a description of the topic, the research you’ve found about the topic, and your critiques of the research, including questions you might still have about the topic that after researching it.

 Possible Structure Example (you don’t necessarily have to follow this, but it gives you an idea):

● Introduction to your topic: introduction, definitions, etc. 1 page

● Overview of your topic: description of the topic you’ve picked, highlighting the key ideas and concepts. 2-3 pages

● Research findings: What have you found in research regarding the topic? 3 pages

● Critique: What does the research miss? What are some problems with the arguments about your topic? And, what might be some ways or ideas to further research that might speak to these limitations? 3-4 pages


This essay is 10 pages in length excluding the bibliography. Students can choose any topic they would like related to Eating Disorders except for topics that are specifically focused on medical issues.

Suggestions for topics include:

1. Eating disorders and diversity.

2. Eating disorders and families.

3. Eating disorders and sexual abuse.

4. Eating disorders and athletes.

5. Describe different treatment models e.g. cognitive behavioural treatment of bulimia, family therapy, intensive programs.

6. How do eating disorders affect a woman’s ability to parent?

7. The ethical issues associated with compulsory treatment.

8. Prevention of eating disorders or weight related issues.

Marking will be similar to the Test, with fewer leniencies given to incomplete /brief explanations and grammar errors: in other words, since you have more time to write the paper compared to the test, I will expect more elaboration and fewer grammar errors in your research paper.

 Explanation of Marking:

· Clarity of Rationale of Ideas: Does the student’s ideas make sense? Are the ideas logical? Are the explanations they use clearly demonstrating what their ideas are and how their ideas work?

· Depth of Insights: Does the student show that they have thought through their ideas, looking at them from various angles? Has the student noted exceptions or weaknesses to their ideas? Has the student noted intricacies in their ideas?

· Grammar: Is correct punctuation used? Is the sentence structure appropriate?

· Application of Course Concepts: Is the student using concepts discussed in class in their answer?

Writing Guidelines: Your papers should be double-spaced, written in 12 point size with margins of 1 inch and double-spaced. Use a minimum of 8 academic references (journal articles, text book chapters). You may use other resources if you like, but only above and beyond the 8 scholarly references.