Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Response Project

Topic: Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Response Project
For your Final Project, you apply concepts, theories, and approaches presented in the course to a Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Response Project. The project must be presented as a 13- to 15-page (not including references, title page, or abstract), double-spaced, APA-formatted project in the form of a paper. The Final Project must be submitted by Day 4 of Week 11. See Week 11 for specific instructions for submission.
For your Final Project:
•Select one crisis type from each of the following categories (totaling three crises):
◦a crisis with an individual, couple, or family
◦a crisis in the community
◦a crisis in the nation or in the world
The crises you select may be crises you personally experienced, learned about through this course, or heard about on the news, past or present.
Then, for each:
•Describe the crisis including: the event/situation, implications, responders, victims, survivors, and perpetrators.
•Describe the forms of critical incident assessment you might use.
•Explain the potential short-term and long-term effects that might be experienced by the people impacted by the crisis.
•Describe the particular competencies you would need to counsel people impacted by the crisis.
•Explain the cultural, ethical, and legal implications that need to be considered.
•Explain potential vicarious trauma and countertransference that might occur between you and the people you might counsel from this crisis.
As a final point, explain what insights you had or conclusions you drew from completing this assignment.