Discuss how social exclusion can impact on the health outcomes of people with a disability

7Topic: Discuss how social exclusion can impact on the health outcomes of people with a disability
Correctly formatted cover page, contents page, page numbers (with the introduction on page 1, use section breaks to help, and an introduction, conclusion
And reference page. You must use the APA 6th editions
Fonts size 12, font Times New Roman
You will be required to use only credible sources of academic information
Your answer should include
– Background to the determinant including any relevant statistics and
– Evidence of how the determinant influences the physical and/or mental health and wellbeing of
The identified target group of Australians, i.e. relevant health behaviors as well as health
Outcomes- there may be multiple impacts including physical, mental and social
Note that the maximum word count of 1500 words is NOT to include the title page, contents page or
Reference page. In-text citations are included in the word count. Once 1500 words are reached your tutor will stop marking so please keep within this maximum. Please type the accurate word count in brackets after your conclusion

1. Choose a General area in Pharmaceutics
eg: How to improve solubility
eg: Nanotechnology
eg: Granulation (A Part of Tableting process)
2. Narrow your chosen area to more specific
eg: Preformulation of Adhesion of Polymer of Drug-In-Adhesive (DIA) of the Transdermal Patch System
The above are just EXAMPLES of a narrowed research topic. You may write on ANY aspects related to Pharmaceutics.
Message me your specific research area.
ADDITIONALLY, I need you to collect ALL your JOURNAL references in *soft copy form (PDF, MsWord) and **highlight all the information extracted for the paper.(This will be the preparation stage). Compile these materials in Zip File.