A reflective individual report

A reflective individual report

Word length 2,500 words in total (2,000 words reflection on the individual’s development over the semester, 11 week period)


. 400-500 words peer observation associated with the performance of other group members, during semester 1.

Please note

As part of your individual weekly commitment to Live Projects you are expected to write a couple of paragraphs each week, reflecting on the skills gained and gaps in skills identified and steps that you will take to rectify your gaps. This will contribute towards the 2,000 word reflective account of your development / growth over the period of semester 1.

This learning log will contribute to your individual report. Your tutor will periodically ask to see a copy of your weekly logbook, so it is advisable to maintain it regularly, so that you are prepared. This can be placed in the appendix section of your 2,000 word reflective report (The Individual Report should use the reflection from the weekly logbook to compile the report on progress over the semester)

The report should not exceed 2,500 words in total, and should include the following:

Ten submissions of weekly logs, submitted on Wednesday 8th January by 4pm,2013. Hand in method TBC.
Up to 10 marks available

Evidence of peer assessment, highlight personal contribution and team contribution, approx 400-500 additional words Up to 10 marks available
Evidence of identification of key issues in project progress Up to 20 marks available
Evidence of Continuous Personal and Professional Development Up to 20 marks available
Evidence of reflection on process of MDP2 in general and own learning in particular. Up to 20 marks available
Evidence of analysis of successes and failures as project progresses Up to 20 marks available