Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management
Listed below are the requirements for the paper.

1. Develop a literature review on your topic. This is a Masterâ?™s
paper. You need to have a theoretical background in your paper. Broadly,
your topic is supply chain management. You might start with that and
narrow down to your specific topic. I would begin with â??what is supply
chain management and why it is important�? You can also talk about
industry trends and some good business examples of supply chain
management, which are found in the literature and cited in the paper. Give
your readers some background information about your topic. The significant
portion of literature review is what researchers have done in the area.
The context of the topic should be thoroughly presented in the literature
review. You need to look at other research papers, to see how they
organize their literature review as well as the contents of the literature

2. Expand on the topic of supply chain
network optimization in the paper and explain why supply chain network
optimization is vital to designing and implementing an optimized supply
chain. Again, make sure the reader understands big picture: What is supply
chain management? Why is supply chain management important for retail?
What can a retailer do if there supply chain isn’t cost effective? The
answer is conduct supply chain network optimization to identify where the
supply chain isn’t optimal. Why was it important for Dell to conduct
supply chain network optimization?


3. Add the slide from the Power Point on the
Perfect Order and expand upon why the Five P’s of retail are so
important to the success of a retailer. Explain how Dell didn’t focus
on the Five P’s of retailing and that they simply assumed that the
systems and process in place to service their business and online
consumers would be adequate to serve retailers.

4. Justify your methodology. Explain why you
chose the methodology to resolve the issues. If I understand you
correctly, your final goal is to â??Designâ? a process to eliminate the
logistical problems and â??Indentifyâ? opportunities to reduce costs.
And, you will achieve the goal by first evaluating their as-is process and
moving on to solutions from there. In the methodology, you need to explain
in detail how you evaluated their process, proving the rationale of your
evaluation. By doing this readers can understand and agree with the
process from evaluation to suggesting solutions. The rationale can be what
you find from literature or of other business examples. Based on what you
have presented in the paper at this point, readers are not able to
determine whether your solutions were correct. Readers need to see
whether you followed the appropriate procedure and logical reasoning to
reach the conclusion, in this case, your solution. I think, this is the
difference between studying as a student and working as a professional. In
the real business world, your solutions can be evaluated mostly by
outcomes. However, your Masterâ?™s paper is a studentâ?™s
academic work. The procedure that you followed to come up with the
solutions is as important as the outcome that the solutions resulted in.
This is what you needed to work on for your degree in addition to what you
did for your job.

4. Rewrite your abstract. An abstract is a summary of your entire paper.
Your current abstract is more like an introduction to your paper, rather
than containing the key points of your work, including methodology and

5. Double-check in-text citations. You need to cite anything that are not
your own thoughts or ideas. Check to see if you cited all of the
information from outside resources. And, check how to cite a source
without the authorâ?™s name, using APA style.

6. Your paper must be formatting following the Graduate School
Guidelines.. Here is the link once again. Youâ?™ll see that there
are Table of Contents, List of Figures, etc. that need to be included in
the paper.