Reaction paper

A reaction paper basically requires you to read a certain piece of work and then give your own response to that paper. In essence, you will be reacting to what has been said in the paper hence the name. The response that you offer has to be clear, concise and easy to understand. Anybody who will be reading your paper will want to find out how you arrived at the response that you are advancing. This means that your reaction paper must show a critical sense of judgment in the arguments.

There are a few things that you may need to consider before you get started with the writing of a reaction paper. Top of the list is the main idea in the paper. It is common knowledge that in any paper there must be the grand idea upon which all subsequent arguments will be based. This should be your focal point. Once you have decided on what your take is concerning the main agenda in the paper, the rest should be easy. Since any other idea that will be expressed in the paper will be stemming from the main idea, elaborating on them will not make you scratch your head that much.

An ideal reaction paper will begin by you providing the readers with a brief summary of the gist of the paper.  This will be followed with literature that elaborates on the sustainability of the idea, letting people know how valuable the idea is or is not; remember that  you are giving your own opinion on the paper so you are allowed to argue against the ideas in the paper. However, your conclusion should be seen to provide solid arguments that support your point of view.  You must never be seen to be arguing just for the sake of it.

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