Writing an article critique

An article critique is a paper that is meant to test how well you are capable of interpreting and analyzing what someone else has written. The fact that it is not your own composition makes the work a little restrictive. Even though you might be free to think independently, the fact that you are analyzing the work of another person means that your arguments have to somehow be reflective of what the original author was talking about.

The best way to approach an article critique has been found to be adopting a non-partisan stand on the issue at hand. If you stand in the middle and avoid taking any particular side it will be very easy for you to look at the issue objectively. It will be necessary that you consider both sides of the argument, talk about their merits and demerits in equal measure such that when you eventually conclude by giving your final verdict on the subject, it will not be looked at as if it is favoring any side.

Begin your article critique by summarizing the main ideas in the paper. The next step will be fleshing up the ideas by attempting to read the mind of the author. The introduction to the article critique will provide some good information about the article which will prove to be invaluable when you start to critique it. Any article critique which does not begin by acknowledging the opinion of the author is bound not to come out well. Regardless of whether your critique will have an opinion contrary to that expressed by the author or not the idea brought out by the author has to be acknowledged first.

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