Exploring Health Education in the 21st Century (Project Part2)

Project Component 2
The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) is useful for health educators because it incorporates an individual’s intent or intention to modify a health behavior. In this way, health educators are engaged with a client who is amenable toward changing a given behavior and who is in the first stages of making a true change. Thus, in the Theory of Planned Behavior, the individual’s intention to perform a given behavior is related to their attitude of performing that behavior. The behavior is influenced by their beliefs about what significant others and peers think the individual should do, as well as the individual’s perception of the ease or difficulty of performing the behavior,
For this Assignment, review the Point Mar Case Study and download  Worksheet Template provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Consider how the constructs may apply to the health issue and your health education program from the Point Mar Case Study for the Final Project.
Note: In grading this Assignment, your Instructor uses the Final Project Components Rubric, located in the Course Information area. Review the Rubric prior to completing your Assignment.
The Assignment (2 pages)
Complete the worksheet based on the health issue that you selected and the constructs of the TPB. Note: Do not select planning models.
Summarize your experience of completing this activity and explain the value of theoretical applications for health education practice.