Total Quality Management

Assignment 1 and assignment 2 is a continuation process with the same topic of interest that you have chosen.
Assignment 1 you already did Order Number :81495745
Choose a topic of your interest in the area of Total Quality Management. It can be anything that you want to explore or to study. It can be how the concept of TQM is implemented within an organization, analysis on how the implementation of TQM, the influence after implementing TQM in an organization, comparison andetc
Assignment 2: 30 marks
1. Identify what type of tools are used in implementing the TQM, for example is it Six-Sigma, BalanceScore card, Blue ocean strategy or etc.

2. Briefly explained the reason(s) for the organization to choose the tools they have implemented.

3. In your own opinion and based on your review from other articles in similar topic of interest, suggest other tools or other alternatives or provide another solution to help the organization achieve their business goals better.

Tool(s) identification 10 marks
Reasons for the chosen tool(s) 5 marks
Creativity 15 marks