Epidemiology of Infertility

Paper details
What is the prevalence of infertility in the U.S.? (Your response should address both male and female factor infertility.)
2. What are the demographic characteristics (i.e., age, educational attainment, poverty status, race/ethnicity, etc.) of women with impaired fecundity?
3. What are the demographic characteristics of women receiving infertility treatment?
4. To what extent is there a gap between those in need of infertility treatment and those who actually receive it? If a gap indeed exists, to what factors does the scholarly literature attribute this discrepancy?
5. What are three common causes of infertility among women? Please explain each.
6. What are three common causes of infertility among men? Please explain each.

Required Readings
Available via ProQuest:
1. Gnoth, C., Godehardt, E., Frank-Herrmann, P., Friol, K., Tigges, J., & Freundl, G. (2005). Definition and prevalence of subfertility and infertility. Human Reproduction, 20(5), 1144-1147.

Available via EBSCO Web:

1. Skakkebæk, N.E., & Lutz, W. (2006). Role of poor semen quality for current infertility and future fertility rates-Lessons from the clinical and current population studies. International Journal of Andrology, 29, 105-108.
2. Declining fertility rates causes increased infertility in older couples. (2004, March 15). Fertility Weekly, p. 9.





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