Healthcare and career goals

Resource: Guide to Nursing Management and Leadership
Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word personal plan and vision statement that answers the following questions:

What will your nursing role be in five years? (Vision Statement):
plan to go into case management and focus on discharge planning and transition of care
Where will you practice?
plan to work in the hospital setting
What leadership will you provide to the profession at a local or global level?
I plan to develop a discharge planning tool that will complement Medicare guidelines and What are the knowledge, skills, and competencies you will obtain to achieve this future role?
Management skills, In depth knowledge of community resources, Clinical knowledge of in depth pathophysiology of different chronic illness (i.e., chronic kidney disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Stroke, diabetes, etc.)
What will give you satisfaction when your day’s work is completed?
Knowing that I have helped a patient and their family to live well with their chronic illness. That they have the best possible life possible within the context of their illness.

1. Identify three values embraced in professional work.
2. Identify personal and professional strengths that will support achieving your desired future professional role.
I am fully committed to the field of nursing and to healthcare. I am honest, fair and willing to do what is necessary to help a team be as productive as possible
3.Identify personal and professional weaknesses that may be challenges you must overcome to achieve your desired future professional role.
I tend to take on too many tasks at once and multi task. This can lead to confusion and sometimes mistakes.
4. Develop an action plan with time frames, objectives, and strategies over the next five years that may help you reach the goals of your personal vision statement.
Format your paper according to APA standards.




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