Implementing a Competence Framework for Administering Medication: Reporting the Experiences of Mental Health Nurses and Students

You will be required to identify a piece of published research relevant to your practice area and undertake a critique of this. The article chosen must be discussed with the module tutor to ascertain its relevancy and suitability for the critiquing exercise. Please note a copy of the article must submitted to your module tutor as a PDF document when you upload your assignment when submitting.
The use of a recognised critiquing technique is advisable with recognition being given to the methodologies and samples involved. This should be underpinned by research based commentary. The discussions regarding the differing aspects of the research methodology and design will need to be supported with relevant literature to demonstrate wide and varied preparatory reading.
A discussion of the ethical issues in relation to the article must be included and again will need the support of relevant literary sources This should be of sufficient depth
and length to indicate that you have discussed the ethical and legal implications of
research to achieve the learning outcome for this aspect. One or two short paragraphs will not be sufficient to demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcomes.