community analysis

Each student should select a community to analyze. The analysis should include the general characteristics of the community, some history, demographic, the social institutions and particularly, the social welfare agencies. Identify any particular problem that the community is facing and how they are dealing with it or dealt with it.
This paper will require
1- Report on demographic characteristic based on census data on the community
2-Report of physical description of community based on your personal observation
3-identification of resources in the community (stores, services, and businesses, school churches and more)
4-information from interviews of the least two people in the community
5-identification of the community problems and concerns
6-identification of what the community efforts have been made to address concerns or problems
7- Conclusion remarks-
The paper also needs to include how this relates to what you have learned about macro social work in an urban setting, interacting with people and the social work skills that were required during your visits and to complete the project.
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