Correlation and Causality

This is for a personalized professional doctoral writer who has a PhD. in Planning and Public Policy and or in Qualitative Research Methods, on a 4 Day delivery schedule.

Detailed Instructions: Use thoughtful historically grounded insights, examples, ideas, and findings from planning literature ONLY to support and meet the guidelines as set out below.

All examples and illustrations must be documented cases in city or regional (urban) planning with supporting qualitative or quantitative data in APA format.

Paper: 2 pages @ 275 words per page = 550 words / Format: APA writing style / double space / Font: Times New Roman / Size 12 point / Site all sources in APA style / Reference page in APA style.

General: Direction:
• Stay on topic
• Avoid random or separate points or ideas
• No random statements or facts.
• No statements without backup facts and documentation, APA cite style
• Be sure to articulate clearly and concisely, so the ideal, point, example, or illustration is conveyed and is clearly understood.
• Be persuasive and entertain the reader by using facts and documentation, which are relevant and are backed up by creditable planning reports or literature. Cite in APA style.
• Tell the reader what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them.
• Use transition statements between thoughts and paragraphs.
• Tell the reader what it is you are telling them clearly and without a lot of wordiness.
• Use published literature in national recognized planning journals as well as published urban planning case studies to illustrate or give your position validity and reliability.
• Write a conclusion which summarizes what you clearly articulated and documented as to why the reader should give validity to your position or findings.
• Tell the reader what you told them and how and why you believe this method is the one to use in these instances. Cite examples you used to illustrate your point in APA
• Must be original work!
• Do not plagiaries, Cite everything in APA style, as its only plagiarism if it is not cited.
• It is okay to use others work for references but it MUST be cited in APA format.
• Cite all references in APA style, in the body of the paper and on reference page.
• The paper must be submitted both electronically as well as on paper, and will be subject to plagiarism screening, including screening by a commercial plagiarism detection service.
• Some of the commercial screening services will permanently retain the text of this paper in order to facilitate routine screening of papers submitted by others in the future

Specific: Find two longitudinal studies on a Urban or City and Regional planning topic of your choice from top planning journals (JAPA)with a impact factor greater than 0.5(>0.5).

Write one page for each explaining below:
1. What is their research question?
2. What data they used?
3. Their methodology and research design
4. What did they find?
5. Were they successful to established causality