Case analysis paper


Answer TWO questions in total. One question from section A, one question from section B.
Maximum NINE double-spaced pages TOTAL for both questions. Each question 4.5 pages. Citation and appendixes are not included in 9 pages.
You are reminded that in answering the questions, you should make use of all available resources including the readings and case studies on class slides and additional research from online sources.
You should submit an individual exam and all answers should include fully sourced bibliography including FIVE additional sources drawn from your own additional research.
Failure to do so leads to a 10-percentage point penalty.
Use 11pt Times New Roman and the default margins in Microsoft Word.

1. Analyze how companies can manage uncertainty in their strategic planning. Use examples and cases to support your arguments.

Section B
2. Evaluate the importance of resources and capabilities in achieving competitive advantage. Illustrate your arguments with real cases and examples.

Please use at least 5 real life research information