Social change in the Black Community

Purpose – The purpose of this assignment is to give a snapshot of an important social change issue in the Black Community.
This assignment is comprised of two parts. Part 1 will focus on the evolution and background of a social change issue of your choosing. (Health, Equality, Education, Housing, Employment, etc.) Part 2 will focus on contemporary elements of your issue by focusing on a community based organization or leader that is doing work in your area. (This Project should be 5 – 7 pages)
Part 1  Grid
In a grid or table format trace the evolution of Social Change in the Black Community from 1950-2010. (Year Event Name – Summary) – See the Sample Grid
5 Columns – 50s-60s-70s-80s-90s-2000s
Part 2 Audit Use the following format – Answer each question and if there are other questions please add them in the appropriate sections. Remember this is only a sample your need to add to your audit. ? Please use the subheading given
I. Background Research of Organization/Community (Prior to the meeting) 1. History (Dates, Important Events, People) – A lot of this info will be in your grid (Simply recopy
and/or expand in areas that you didn’t have room for in the grid 2. Mission/Focus or the Organization (What issue is being addressed)
II. Your personal observations (Take a tour of the facility and community)
Meet with a community/nonprofit leader in your area of interest. (Education, Housing, Health, Etc) 1. What are your observations of the community? How is the community structured?
(Homes, Buildings, Stores, etc)
2. What are your observations of the people? (Residents, Those that work in Roxbury, Tourist, etc)
3. Set up some time to sit and talk with the leader. If you can’t get initial face time conduct a phone interview.
III. Application
3. What did you learn from your time with the nonprofit/community leader?
4. What are the needs of the community/organization?
5. How can your academic/service work assist the community/organization in its change/community building efforts? (This will serve as the precursor to your Project Proposal/Dialogue)



xtual stops expand on some of the issues discussed in chapters 5 and 6 in your text. Based on the required readings, you may comment on any aspect of the case or article you find to be worth discussion. Some specific suggestions for discussion include,
whether you agree with the Indiana Courts that pretextual stops should be allowed and why.
Whether you agree with the author of the article that pretextual stops should not be allowed and why. Is the articles plan for eliminating pretextual stops workable? Why or Why not?
What do you think about the extent to which pretextual stops contribute to the problems of racial profiling? Are there other, better ways to reduce/eliminate/address racial profiling without making pretextual stops illegal?




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