Social Media Influences the Rise of Eating Disorders

Please include these methods in my research paper and how they relate to the question ” does social media increase the rise of eating disorders’

Research Proposal Methods
Critical Literature Review & Content Analysis: please analyse the annotated bibliography and relate the critical literature review to this.
I will undertake a critical literature review
Surveys: In the proposal it was stated that surveys will be conducted with a sample population of 70 people, to gather information. There will be division of the study population into four groups on basis of the hours each person spends on social networks, their gender and their age. The surveys will include questions on how a person feels about his/her self image, his/her weight and his/her identity and if he/she feels that social media networks affects their perception of himself/herself. Please use these survey findings and come to a consensus of whether social media influences the rise of eating disorders.

Poll taking: The research will also include a poll taking to establish if the individuals agree or disagree that social media contributes to the increase in eating disorders. Please establish poll findings and evaluate whether this leads to social media contributing to the increase in eating disorders.

Also include the following theories and explain how this relates to the topic ( was mentioned in my speech)

Agenda Setting
Cultivating Theory
Concept of Framing

It is also a requirement to also talk about ” the embodied media and the quantified self”

This means that nowadays, media studies has examined representations of bodies in cultural texts such as magazines or movies, and asked how they reproduce dominant myths of gender, beauty, race and so forth. New technologies such as smart phones and self-tracking health apps are radically challenging this approach. They ask us to look at technology as an extension, augmentation or prosthesis of the body.

So make you answer: How can we critically conceptualise the embodied nature of media technologies? ( relating to my question of course)

The biggest thing is answering all these questions but more so… how can we learn from this question? is media influencing the way we think about our bodies? is there a way for change?

But also remembering that the research paper relates to the idea of whether social media contributes to the rise of eating disorders and all theories concepts and research methods should relate to this.