How does mainstream media in Australia affect how the public view racial minorities.

Research Question: define your research question. What is the thesis or argument you want to put forward? What is the critical issue you want to address?
Project Rationale: Relate your project to the present state of knowledge in the field. Why is this project important and why now? Contextualise your project’s critical issue historically, culturally, theoretically.
Methodology: What methodology or methodologies are you going to use? You may use any of the methodologies we have studied or you may choose one not covered this semester in consultation with your tutor. Defend its utility for your topic, examine other texts that have dealt with similar subject areas in a similar way (you may like to extend a few entries from your annotated bibliography). Include any practical steps you may need to take (e.g. gaining access to media archives, creating survey questions for ethnographic research, etc).