Service Marketing Management


Answer 3 essay typed questions for exams. Each question around 400 words in detailed and elaborated well
Please answer the questions itself very well in a precise clear way
* Please use the simple language and grammar to explain properly
* No need to write introduction and conclusion just answer what you know and how you apply it.
* Do not just repeat knowledge or lecture notes, you should show your own understanding about the theory, analysis and application.
* It is important to learn the ppt I attached because the exam test the knowledge in lecture. Mainly answer fundamental according to the knowledge shows in ppt and some additional reading examples
• Questions will be set ONLY on subject areas cover in lecture slides
• Expand breadth of knowledge on these specific areas
• Extra marks for reading beyond (as long as basics covered first!)

NB – don’t include full references or bibliography because it will be used to answer in exams.
Exam is based on lecture content and set reading. Please go through the PPT, knowledge of the topics covered in lectures.
– Build upon existing knowledge of marketing in order to explore more complex issues of strategy
Essay question should demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the key concepts underpinning service marketing strategy development into practice