Dissertation in International Management

1. Research Topic / Title

2. Introduction and Background of Research

Set the scene. Based on your initial literature review, identify what is already known and what is unknown. Why is doing this research important? Establish the importance of your project by highlighting its originality or why it is worth pursuing

3. Research Questions

Research questions this project will address.

Students are expected to rephrase the selected topic into doable, actionable research questions, which narrow down the topic and focus the research project. The identification of the research questions should be based on a short review of relevant literature.

4. Aims and Objectives

What do you want to know, prove, demonstrate, analyse, test, investigate, examine? List your project aims in a logical sequence
Ideally the aims/objectives should be researchable, realistic, and achievable.

5. Proposed Research Methods

How do you anticipate you will achieve these aims?

Choose and justify the research method(s) which are appropriate to address the research questions and achieve your aims and objectives:
• If a primary research approach has been selected, identify and explain
o The type of data to be collected
o How the data will be collected
o How the data will be analysed
• If a secondary research approach has been selected, identify and explain
o What data will be required
o Where this data will be sourced
o How the data will be analysed

6. Project Plan, Budget and Timeline

Detailed explanation of project plan, project phases, activity timeline and budget of the project tasks.
7. Issues to be considered

Discuss potential issues you may encounter during the research process, such as accessibility to the data, time and resources needed to complete the research, budget constraint, validity of the data, and potential ethical issues.

8. Potential use of the research findings

What do you expect it will deliver? What are the likely outcomes of the research? How will the research benefit the target audience?
Highlight the benefits, positive expected outcomes or innovative applications of knowledge

9. Conclusion

Summary and concluding remarks.



Notes on Formatting

Font: Arial or equivalent, please do NOT use Times Roman.
Font Size: min 11 point
Line Spacing: 1.5 spacing
Paragraphs: fully justified