1. Describe what you believe to be the strategic differences between globalization, rationalization, and localization. 2. Discuss two reactive responses and two proactive reasons why firms wish to become involved with globalization. 3. Describe an entry strategy used by your Strategic Audit firm to enter global markets. 4. Describe the benefits and pitfalls of making a strategic alliance with another global firm. 5. Identify and analyze an actual global joint venture that has occurred over the past few years. 6. Discuss the difference between equity and non-equity strategic alliances. Note: to help reduce your Turnitin scores for the MRQ assignments. One way is to not repeat the wording of the questions in your answers, thank you.

Green Machine:

Green Machine: Marketing

Please read and review the attached article, titled The Green Machine: Saab, Vauxhall and Integrated Marketing Communications Discuss the following topics attributed to the article: Identify as many Saab and Vauxhall ‘publics’ as possible and what type(s) of marketing communications would be appropriate to reach each public. What are the main problems facing organizations such as Saab and Vauxhall regarding green marketing and how might an IMC strategy help to overcome these challenges? Compare the effectiveness of Saab and Vauxhall’s marketing communications. Please be specific and utilize your readings and research to substantiate your thoughts. Your paper should be between 500-750 words in APA format.

Social Media Marketing

What does social media marketing involve and how do firm social media sites support an online store?
What do you mean by Social media marketing? Give your comments for the 7 myths of social Media marketing.