Strategic leadership in a changing world

Assessment Brief for coursework 1

The first coursework (worth 20% of the total marks for the module) is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work (maximum 2,000 words) excluding final list of references. Please note there is no plus or minus 10% rule on this module), critically appraising some of the theoretical concepts and techniques introduced in the lectures in weeks 1-7.

Write an essay answering the following question:

Critically evaluate how useful the undertaking of a “strategic position” analysis may be for an organisation? Critically discuss the view that the market/environment should be emphasised more than resources when an organisation is undertaking a “strategic position” analysis.

Word count-The only words that do not countin your essay are the front page (on which you put your srn, name of the module, word count, title of the coursework, my name as module leader) and the end of essay list of references (using Harvard system of referencing).You are NOT allowed to have an appendix. Re the WORD COUNT and other issues you must read the section below entitled “Guidance for completing BOTH coursework’s/key information for the module”. That section gives the regulations for this c/w 1 re the word count (eg issues concerning words/numbers in “diagrams” etc.).

Your work will be marked and graded in accordance with the grading and marking criteria for assignment one (see pages 15, 16, 17 below).
Coursework 1 (electronic copy) should be handed in on 4th December 2015 at 11.00pm (latest time). An identical paper copy (you must attach and fill in the form entitled “Hertfordshire Business School-Assessment Feedback Form”. Do not fill in your name but do put your SRN, the name of the module, the title of the coursework (“coursework 1”), the date and my name on it) must be handed in at the coursework point on the bottom floor of the Business School (opposite M036) on the 5th December (11am latest hand in time). Closer to the hand in date precise details will be given if there will be a special box provided for this module or whether or not you put the paper copy in a generic box.

As regards this coursework 1, do note you must not copy anyone else’s work. You must not work with anyone else while preparing your assignments and you must not allow other students to read or have an electronic copy of your work.