M5 Discussion Topic

Listed below are possible discussion topics for this module, but if you have personal experiences or examples that relate to the topics presented in the assigned readings, please feel free to add those to this discussion as well. In developing your thoughts and opinions here, please look to incorporate citations and statistics both from the textbook and other outside sources. Lastly, let’s always remember to keep these discussions civilized and respectful, even when we disagree on certain topics.

1.Do people really care about the environment, if it means higher price levels? Does recycling work? Has anyone hugged a tree recently?
2.Are “developing” nations really concerned about the environment? Why or Why not? How do the decisions made by these nations impact us?
3.In our present society, people demand and expect more from the government but very few people are willing to pay higher taxes, explain this paradox? Can this situation work?
4.Are you confident that the Social Security system will still be running smoothly when you retire?