Leadership Strategies for a Changing World

Assessment Description
Leadership is argued to be one the most important roles in modern day organisations.
Discuss the difficulties leaders face in organisations and suggest some theories/models of
leadership that can be applied to address these difficulties.
Your essay should consider the following: (use the following as sub-headings to structure your essay)
 Why is ‘leadership’ such a major issue in modern workplaces?
 What factors are contributing to the challenges of ‘leadership’?
 How can a manager use theories/models to inform their ‘leadership’ in a modern organisation?
 How can a manager work to overcome their ‘leadership’ challenges?
 Why is the information you have found important to know, especially for people who are leading in
The Essay requires:
 A thorough research and treatment of the contemporary literature in the topic area.
 A range of references that should demonstrate breadth and depth of research.
 The incorporation of personal/organisational examples as illustrative evidence.
 An ability to utilise the wider literature in constructing the narrative is displayed throughout.
 A display of critical evaluation and diagnostic skills in the choice of the data included.
 A display of critical evaluation in the choice of the information sources used.
 Appropriate and accurate use of the Harvard Referencing System.
You must use a minimum of 10 references:
 Text books: The prescribed text and at least 2 other text books
 6 different academic journal articles
 1 + other source of your choice: Blog, newspaper, magazine or other Internet source
 Wikipedia is not to be used and does not count as an academic reference.
Feedback: Comments and a mark will be returned to you within two weeks of submission.
Below is the feedback form which will be used to provide you with your grade and summary feedback.