Assignment of "Writing and genres" and " Topic,angle,purpose"

Please complete the following two parts:

1. Writing and genres :

Consider a kind of writing activity that you do frequently and are good at. It might be texting your friends, e-mailing people, working on a social networking profile, writing college or university application essays, or composing the five-paragraph essay. Write informally about the features of this writing and how those features affect the people who use this kind of writing (where it occurs and in what medium). Finally, describe the writing itself: What kind of content is typical, how is that content organized, what kind of language is used? In what ways does the genre determine who the participants can and cannot be?

Read the chapter and list five different topics related to food. Then, for each of these topics, ask yourself, “What is new or has changed recently about this topic?” Using your answers to this question, write down two possible angles for each topic.