Leadership Model for Successful Healthcare Executive Leaders: Direct Healthcare Providers

ThingsDo’s and Don’ts
• Do use the correct form! This RP is for QUALITATIVE designs.
• Do prepare your answers in a separate Word document. Editing and revising will be easier.
o Set font formatting to Times New Roman, 11 point, regular style font Do set paragraph indentation (“Format” menu) for no indentation, no spacing.
• Do copy/paste items into the right-hand fields when they are ready.
• Don’t delete the descriptions in the left column!
• Don’t lock the form. That will stop you from editing and revising within the form.
• Do complete the “Learner Information” (A.) of the first table, and Section 1 first.
• Don’t skip items or sections. If an item does not apply to your study, type “NA” in its field.
• Do read the item descriptions and their respective Instructions carefully. Items request very specific information. Be sure you understand what is asked. (Good practice for IRB!)
• Do use primary sources to the greatest extent possible as references. Textbooks are not acceptable as the only references supporting methodological and design choices.
• Do submit a revised RP if, after approval, you change your design elements. It may not need a second review, but should be on file before your IRB application is submitted.
Scientific Merit
The following criteria will be used to establish scientific merit. The purpose of the review will be to evaluate if the study:
• Advances the scientific knowledge base.
• Makes a contribution to research theory.
• Demonstrates understanding of theories and approaches related to the selected research methodology.
that are still needed:
-Any letters of permission
-Draft Interview Questions

I do not think any letter of permission are needed but that needs to be stated.