Organisational Change Management

The aim of the review report is to act as a HRM change agent and provide an in-depth analysis of a change process in a real-life organisation. To do this, you will need to investigate a change that has taken place in an organisation over the past three years. The change may be in the area of HRM or another areas of the organisation. You will investigate the change that has taken place and the process used to do this through primary data (interviews) and secondary data (databases, websites, annual reports). You MUST conduct some form of interview with a Manager or Supervisor who has been involved in the change.

You will then need to critically analysis the data with reference to the recent academic literature. For example, discuss what the organisaiton has done well in accordance to the literature and also what they have not done well. You will make recommendations to the organisation and provide future solutions for effective change management. Finally, you will reflect on what you have learnt about change management.

the interview and a scorecard will be provided to you to complete this report (see attachments) also an exemplar report is attached please follow the same technic, steps to complete the report. all journal articles used must be referred articles.

this report has two parts as follows:
part 1: 1800 words
The problem, issue, or impetus for change.
The essential elements of the change process.
An analysis of the change program or process. You will need to identify two to three key themes that came out of the interview data and analysis these points in reference with the literature. For example, look at some of the main things that was done well throughout the change as well as things that need to be improved on.
An evaluation and recommendations for the change or for future change efforts.
Part 1 should be written in third person.

part 2: 700 words
Part 2 includes a reflective section that demonstrates individual learning about change management.
The individual learning about change management should be reflected upon in relation to the change that took place in the organisation.
The reflection should provide personal insight into what you learnt in regards to the change management process/techniques used (ie: did you think this was effective, were you surprised by any of the techniques used, were there things that perhaps you would use in the future).
Part 2 can be written in first person.