Leadership Change Project Summary: Problem Identification

Leadership Change Project Summary: Problem Identification
Identify a health care organization in need of change or improvement in leadership. Please use New Jersey State Nurses Association

• Each team member will research one health care organization and identify a potential leadership area in need of improvement
• Describe a situation problem or issue that needs a solution.
• Identify what the characteristics are that make the problem leadership focused instead of management focused
• Provide the rationale for improvement.

Note: The Learning Team will choose one organization and explain why this organization was chosen for the proposal.

Write a 275 word summary for the team member’s findings that summarizes all areas.

More information

Identifies the researched health care organization
Specifies when theorganization was established
Describes how the organization supports nursing leadership
Identifies problem areas within the organization in need of improvement in the leadership area
Describes problem/issue(s) within thrleadership area needing a solution
Distinguishes the organization’s problem/issue as leadership focused as opposed to management focused
Provide a rationale for why this organization should be chosen for the improvement proposal