Intergrated Logistics flows and potential improvements in a small winery

Your task in this assignment is to investigate the logistics of the flow of products or materials in an organisation and to identify potential areas for improvement.

Identify a local organisation involved with the supply, distribution, or sale of physical products. This may be the organisation where you work with or one in your local region with which you are familiar. The organisation could be a retail store, a wholesaler, a manufacturer, a transport or shipping company, or a warehouse company. You will be focusing on the way in which stocks of finished goods or raw material flows are organized, managed, stored, transported and controlled. Control is concerned with quantities, availability, quality and cost.

Write a report which covers the following:
◾Brief description of the organisation and its logistics system. Your description should enable a reader to understand the organisation and the logistics system involved in its operation.
◾Description of at least three of the following areas of logistics in the organisation and a brief analysis of the way in which they impact on the effectiveness of the integrated logistics system in the company:
– Customer relationship management (customer accommodation/customer service)
– Procurement
– Transportation
– Warehousing
– Packaging and handling
– Logistics network integration
– Logistics performance

◾Assume you are the manager of the company you are investigating. Provide your own opinion on how the company’s logistics should be managed. Identify any critical issues and problems and make recommendations about any changes you think are necessary to improve the flow and control of goods and materials through the organisation.
The organisation is a small Western Australian winery that distributes wine in Australia (90%) and overseas (10%)